Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actors in 2015


These Hollywood actors and great Hollywood movies have got market all over the world which increases the range of popularity of the actors. Hollywood movies industry is the industry which never shows signs of going to be under loss. Here is the top 10 actors list these popular actors have presented their audience with a supreme level of Excellency. Let’s see which actors are in the top 10 famous Hollywood actors list.

#1. Leonardo DiCaprio :

(born November 11, 1974) Leonardo is American Actor has 10 Golden Globe nominations (2 wins) in his name apart that he has won Academy awards 5 times. He started his career from television serials. None of the movies starred he still remains as one of the popular actors in the heart of million fans. Leonardo starred movie “The Revenant” has been set for release in 2015. He is very animal and nature lover actor.

#2. Matthew McConaughey :


(born November 4, 1969) he is also American actor an in number two in top 10 list. Many historical drama and war series go in his name. In 2013 he won academy award for the movie “Dallas Buyers Club“, his latest movie “Interstellar” became another milestone in his career with grand success.

3. Richard Armitage :


(born 1971) The actor is famous for his roles in Hobbit trilogy. Four movies starred by this actor have been released in 2014 “Sleepwalker“, “In To the Storm“, “The Hobbit” and “Urban Grimshaw And the Shed Crew“ in 2015, he is really a very successful actor.

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#4.  David Jude-law Heyworth :


(born 29 December 1972) He is an English actor and producer. This actor began his career as a theater actor and till date he continues his acting in theaters. The Grand Budapest Hotel and Black Sea are the movies which and released in the year 2014 and got huge success.

#5. Matt Damon :


(born October 8, 1970) Matt Damon is actor screen writer and producer also. He started his career with the movie “Good Will Hunting“. He has received many more awards like Academy, Golden Globe and others and then he became more successful actor.

#6. Tom Cruise :


(born July 3, 1962) He won three Academy awards and three Golden Globe Awards. A movie of Tom Cruise named “Edge of Tomorrow” was released in the year 2014.  After three marriages the actor is leading a lonely life since 2012.but he is favorite actor of peoples all the time.

#7. Brad Pitt :


(born December 18, 1963) He is an ultimate actor, producer and winner of global academic award . He is popular for various movies and TV shows. He is a perfect husband and father now he is married with Angelina Jolie. He has a large number of fan following on social from all over the globe.  

#8.Tom Hanks :


(born July 9, 1956) he is actor, director and producer and film maker born in born July 9, 1956.  He is presently one of the highest actors and recently a bankable star of the industry.

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#9. Robert Pattinson :


(born 13 May 1986) he is well talented Best known for his roles in “Twilight” series, the English actor is also a model, musician and producer. Robert no is started working for other movies which he is going to release soon.

#10. Mark Walhberg :


Jun 05, 1971 born, started his career in music and got fame for his single tracks. He is also a good model. He is an American actor and rapper also he become famous in 1991.  Mark Wahlberg is one of a handful of respected entertainers in the Hollywood movies industry.