Top 10 Music Festivals in North America


In North America, there are many music festival was celebrated. These festivals provide many enjoyable moments to all the North Americans. Here are Top 10 Music Festivals in North America.

#1. Coachella Valley Music Festival :

This North American music festival celebrated annually. The Paul Tollett is the main founder of this festival. A subordinate of AEG Live, Golden voice, organized this festival. To hosting live music, it is a vitrine for visual arts. The police and fire protection services are also provided during this festival by Indio city.

#2. Eaux Claires Festival :

In Eau Claire, WI, this two-day outside music festival was held at the beautiful 20-acre Foster Farm. Its name is comes from French words. There are many other aesthetic and experiential elements organized in these festivals to surprise and delectation participants.

#3. Moogfest :

This is the most popular North American festival organized for two to five day. This festival is also known as electronic music festival that comes about in Asheville, North Carolina, United States. The founder of Moogfest had distributed the creative thinking and ingenuity across the course of his life.

#4. Sasquatch! Music Festival :

It is the three to four day festival celebrated annually. By Concert Boom, It was ballot as one of the ‘Top 10 Summer Music Festivals in the US”. This festival comes about on commemoration Day weekend, 23–25 May.

#5. Gathering of the Vibes :

It has been the most popular festival celebrated in North America since 1996. It has hosted a non- spoilable food and hygienic product on every year. This festival is also focus on local groups. It organizes various expressive styles of music like Bluegrass Jam bands, Americana, Alternative rock, jazz etc.

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#6. Hopscotch :

It is the most popular festival celebrated in USA. This festival grabs top ten positions due to its high quality music. It also provides amazing talent with the added advantage of an easy booking process. This festival is one of the most unique and cool festival that capital of North Carolina has to offer.

#7. Bonnaroo music festival :

It is a fur day musical festival celebrated every provide various stages of live music, featuring a different spectrum of musical styles containing indie rock, world music, classic rock etc. This festival is start very early around 4:00am. The word bonnaroo imply a really good time

#8. Riot Fest :

This is the most famous festival of USA that provides good food options and performances. It was started in 2005 in Chicago. As a multi- locus festival, it has exhausted seven years. At Humboldt Park on Saturday, It is organized two days of music.

#9. Wanderlust :

In July 2009, this festival was first celebrated in in Squaw is the most popular music festival in was also organized in   various different locations like, Colorado, Vermont and California. This festival provides heart-centered yoga flow with live music.

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#10. New Orleans jazz and heritage festival :

It is the most popular yoga and music festival. The festival genuinely existed to the ballyhoo. This festival is open, for all grades of yoga students; also provides   wide miscellanea of sellers that selling local foods and crafts.