Top 10 New Android 5.0 Lollipop Features


1) Search settings : With more technology packaged into tablet computers and smartphones, the settings menu has grown and got more sophisticated. Samsung’s TouchWiz menu is wild huge. Lollipop is the initial variation of Android to let you expressly seek the settings menu although Google is well known for search – it is simple and quick once you learn what you are trying to find. Harness the magnifying glass to do a search.

2) Use Torch : Torch programs have always been popular on Android Google has decided to roll one into Lollipop to save you the problem of having download a third party one. Pull down the telling drawer then exploit on the top bar to show the torch program alongside other alternatives like airplane mode. The program is only going to appear in case your apparatus has an LED flash alongside its camera.

3) Tap and Go : Android hasn’t been especially great at transferring programs and your settings via an old cellphone to a brand-new one. It is consistently been a crap shoot concerning whether all your programs would really be downloaded from the Play shop, to say nothing of background and your house display. That is partly the error of Google, but it is additionally a hard issue to solve due to the diversity of software and hardware in the Android ecosystem. “Tap and Go” is a tiny measure towards solving that. You can match them with NFC and your old Android cellphone will subsequently use Bluetooth to send every detail of what your cellphone should have installed around to the brand new cellphone over.

4) Better Battery Life : For Android 5.0 lollipop, Google has determined to work on battery life. Job Volta was made to concentrate on enhancing battery life, which has resulted in power optimizations around the platform. Google has performed some testing and discovered that two minutes of standby time is wasted when awakening up an apparatus as a program is awakening the central processing unit and modem to check for upgrades. To cut down on this particular battery burn, Android L has a new “JobScheduler” API that enables the OS to minimize battery impact by establishing the states on which the background undertakings and other occupations should run, like when the apparatus is idle, connected to WIFI, or a charger. So, all of the battery intensive jobs may be booked until the telephone is plugged into the charger.

5) New Rapid Settings : Google needs to check swipes on devices that are needed to obtain significant functions like Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS activation. The brand new Android includes built in tools for hotspot torch and screen cast controls which means you can get rid off many third party programs now. Setting up an Android apparatus will become quicker now with Android 5.0 as the new Android apparatus can be set up only by exploiting it on the old apparatus, though it needs NFC support. All programs from Google play will soon be transferred to the brand new apparatus, if the same Google account is used. In certain scenarios, it is also possible to correct brightness.

6) Guest Mode : Multiple user accounts have been enabled by android on tablet computers for awhile, but in Lollipop there is a brand new alternative called Guest Mode that works on tablet computers and mobiles. The point is it creates a tidy, disposable, and secure workspace. Your guest can immediately log in to their account to check on e-mail. Your guest or you can eliminate the data in the client account at any given moment.

7) Display Pinning : Android has a client mode as well as user profiles in case you would like to simply give someone your apparatus briefly, use display trapping to prevent any unwanted mistreatment, however they take time to setup. Activate it in Settings > Security > Display pinning afterward you can immobilize the final program in your recent programs menu by simply clicking the mint-green pin button in the bottom right. The client can just make use of the program you immobilized when you give your apparatus around.

8) Upgraded Camera : The camera settings that are upgraded supports sophisticated features such as fine and burst mode settings tuning. Complete resolution frames around 30fps could be recorded in this new upgrade and shooting could be done is raw formats like Bayer and YUV RAW. Android 5.0 additionally supports UHD 4K video playback, tunneled video for high quality video playback on Android TV and also enhanced live streaming. Professional characteristics also have been added like controlling settings for flash, lens and the detector per individual framework. In Android 5.0 programmers are going to be able to execute their own technology to take complete benefit of hardware and any poor camera can be transformed to a better one.

9) Smart Lock : A trusted apparatus is NFC or a given Bluetooth -enabled gadget that can automatically disable the security code or pattern in your your Android cellphone or tablet pc when it is in range. This implies that you do not have to fiddle around unlocking the Lollipop apparatus when you are at home or in the automobile. Head to Settings -> Security -> Smart Lock In to prepare the attribute.

10) Priority Mode : It is a Greatest telling improvement in Lollipop. User can place which programs can notify while on precedence you is not going to disturb additionally a duration can be establish by user for this particular mode after which it return back to standard mode.