Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions


The end of every year is marked with celebrations. New Years is a time when many people around the world make promises. Usually on 31st Dec of every year we use to do some promises with our self which we assume to keep during whole next year. These are called resolutions.

New Years is a time when many people around the world make promises. Here are some New Year’s resolutions.

1) Quit smoking and drink less alcohol :


Smoking is one of the worst thing that you do to yourself. smoking can take a toll on your lungs. smoking effects directly on your teeth and the whole internal mouth. Smoking can cause you to look older quicker. Any time is good to do this resolution. Once you quit smoking, you will realize that why didn’t you go for it in the past. Drinking habit starts from one drink to second, second to third and so on. Try to restrict it up to one or two drinks only in a week and don’t turn it in to hangover.

2) Spend less time on smart phones or gadgets : 


Smart phone is the essential digital gadgets nowadays. But its turning into biggest addiction in today’s life. This is the right time to drop this addiction. Just take a few minutes to check your important mails, news feed , daily reminders and start working on it delicately without wasting time by sending funny pictures to others and commenting on unnecessary things on facebook.

3) Be financially independent : The New Year is a great time to make some positive changes in your financial conditions. One perfect way to complete this resolution is to spend less than you earn. Try to reduce your expenses by cutting your unnecessary needs. Make a budget and follow it during whole year. Invest your money in such way so that it can give benefits to you in your coming future. 

4) Volunteer to help others : We tend to think our own goodness relies on bettering ourselves, but our happiness also increases when we help others who are needy. This time give benefits to others from your New Year resolution.       Do some noble cause to others; provide education material to children who are far away from study and school; help can be provided by either money or whatever you can give to others to make them happy.  

5) Spend more time with family :


In today’s life everyone is getting busy to achieve success, make more and more money. Values of family are decreasing as centuries are passing on. No dough success and money is basic need of an educated individual but family gives us moral support in our good and bad times. Add this resolution in your New Year dictionary and do some get together with your family members; after all they came first in your life.

6) Exercise more :  Here comes the most difficult resolution for most of the people, mostly ends on 2nd January. Work load, eating habits and continues sitting may leads to put on weight. Get up and start going to some gym or do some exercise at home or go for a walk. Regular exercise will give you positive energy during the day as well as helps you to put off weight; after all it’s your body only.

7) Enjoy life and be happy :


Simplest resolution that everyone can do is enjoy your life most. Enjoy every second of life like it never before. Take a trip or go for vacations with your family or friends. It gives you not only real happiness from core of your heart but also refreshing mind. Internal happiness directly reflects your beauty as well. So to get rid from expensive cosmetics you just need to stay happy all the time.

8) Search yourself :  In 21st century, everyone is getting busy, busier and busiest. Ask a question from yourself, are you giving time to your own self? Answer will be no in most of the cases.  This resolution is for your own self. Do whatever you want to do, watch movies you like, draw painting, play games, spend time with yourself, search yourself.  

9) Get organized : An unorganized person never leads to success in their life. New year morning is the right time to set goals for your life and work hard to achieve that goals this year. Make your life organized rather than wandering far from your passion. Even make each single day well organized according to the time table of your daily routine and work, life will be organized itself.

10 ) Eat green vegetables or green resolution for the new year : v We eat food three times a day. Start a resolution to cook at least one meal a day which is made from fresh, organic ingredients. This year try to stay more closer to nature by eating green vegetables. It will make your skin healthy and glowing. Avoid junk food and soft drinks too.