Top 10 Tech Companies To Work For


This 21st century is century of techs. Almost everyday a new technology is born. Some of them are so incredible that these actually make you to drop your jaws. Working for companies that create these useful and excellent technologies is a great thing. So this list shows you the top ten tech companies to work for.

#1. Google googleThe best search engine ever. This is a multinational technology company providing internet based services. It was founded in 1998. According to a data,  Google  make $1873 per second. Nothing more to say about this.

#2. Apple : I don’t need to say much about this company.  This is the best known company in tech world. Its really not easy to get a job there, but as I already said ‘nothing is impossible’.

#3. Adobe : You might be from the ‘stone age’ if you don’t know about this company. If you love creativity, programming then you surely need to apply for adobe. Its not easy to get in there, but remember ‘Nothing is impossible’.

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#4. NVIDIA : You know this name if you play video games. This company creates graphics processing units. If you are passionate about video games and want to make them more interesting, beautiful then take a step forward to NVIDIA.

#5. Linkdin : This is a social network which connects professional to clients. It was founded in 2002. This company acquired more than 259 million users and increasing rapidly. Surely a great place to work.

#6. Genesys : Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. provides the call center technology to companies, no matter if they are big or small. The company is working since 1990 and increasing its area of working field. Its at the top in customer service technology providers list.

#7. MathWorks : Today’s generation is more interested in programming. Not too many Teenagers loves maths, but they will surely do if you put it along with coding. Mathworks specializes in mathematical computing software. This is great place to work if you love coding and maths.

#8. Qualcomm : This company designs wireless telecommunication products and services. It is located in 157 countries, big enough Right?. If you are familiar with CDMA or WCDMA chip-sets, then let me tell you that this company is the creator of these inventions.

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#9. F5 networks : It is another multinational company which is specialized in Application Delivery Networking (ADN). It is on the hundred fastest growing companies list. Its business is increasing rapidly and attracting people around the world.

#10. Interactive intelligence : This is another well known company which provides solutions to call centers and business process automation. It was founded in 1994. It is partnered with another big brands like HP, Microsoft, means another great company to work for.