Top 10 Tips to Save Fuel


source PetrolFuel is the most important source of energy on the might be any stuff that store potential energy that used for work or as heat energy. Fuel is used in many forms in all over the India for driving locomotives, machines in industries etc. Now the days peoples mostly depends upon vehicle and machines that decrease the quantity of fuel from the earth crust. Hence it is necessary to save fuel .below mentioned are the top 10 tips to save fuel.

  • Avoid High Speeds

To save the fuel it is very important to avoid the high speeds. Everyone in this planet has hurry to travel from one place to another. They use vehicles to move from one place to another. These vehicles consume lots of fuel and increase the wastage of fuel. But if they travel my much more speed than normal this lead to high consumption of that it is suggested to travel at low speed.

  • Service Vehicle Regularly

Service is the best way to decrease the fuel consumption. Service helps in removing the impurities in the engine and fuel tank. Due to service the fuel does not contaminates with impurities thus the efficiency of fuel increases than normal value. Proper maintenance also obviates poor fuel economy connected to dirty air filters, old spark.

  • Tire pressure

With more tire pressure, the tire protrudes in the center of the stride and creates a smaller, scraggy contact patch with the road. Twenty-five percent too low tire pressures enhance rolling resistance by ten percent and fuel consumption by two percent. You need to check your car’s tires at least once a month.

  • Don’t Buy Premium Fuel

To reduce the fuel consumption it is advised to not to buy the premium consists of higher amount of octane level these Higher octane provides decrease in performance for cars that are designed to run on regular gas.

  • Avoid Aggressive Driving

Now days, due to busy schedule of all the workers, aggression is the main problem. This aggressive nature also effect on driving .some persons wants to overcome some vehicles due to this there increase in the consumption of fuel. Improper driving led to increase in the fuel contamination also.

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  • Plan your journey

It is the best way to decrease the fuel consumption. You can plan your journey by many ways like internet etc. Internet is the most helpful tool among the people of all over the world. You can save fuel by planning your journey. Google Earth is a very nice tool for cast around the helps in viewing the best place for visiting.

  • Anticipate Stop Signs

There are many city lights are provided in the cities of all over the world due to increase in the traffic. These lights help in passing the vehicles turn by turn. Green signals give the direction of passing the vehicle while red signal gives the command to stop is advised to switch off the ignition of vehicle during red helps to decrease the fuel consumption.

  • Avoid Zig-Zag  Traveling

To prevent the fuel consumption it is advised to not to travel in zigzag motion. The short-range length between two points is a straight line. If you are zig zagging or leaving a snakes trail, you are burning more fuel than you need to.

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  • Liquefied Modes

If you are using the low-level viscosity engine, transmission and differential oils encouraged by the maker can ameliorate fuel saving because thinner oil reduces resistance. Synthetic oils have large long-lasting viscosities as temperatures increase or decrease, advance decreasing resistance. Synthetic oils are more costly, but tend to last longer because they don’t break down as speedily as conventional oils.

  • Always Keep Fuel Tank Full

Fuel evaporates quickly, if you travel from the vehicle with less fuel or half full fuel tank. To decreases the risk of evaporation, it is suggested to full the tank. Retention tanks at petrol stations have intrinsic floating protective covering that foreclose contact between fuel and air to bring down evaporation.