Top 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online


Working on Internet for professional and use of Internet for students, ladies and other people has become the basic need; however, we all know that Internet is just like a deep ocean. And, to stay safe in this ocean, it is must for all to have proper knowledge of how to use Internet. Let’s talk about some of the tip to stay safe online.

#1. Safely Examine: Beware of fake website while surfing online. Such websites have similar URL as that of lawful website, but the page can have mis-spellings or low resolution pictures. Such websites do ask for personal information sometime, and it is recommended that one should not provide any such information to it.

#2. Stay away from scams: it is highly recommended to all to read articles, news and blogs so that to get meaningful knowledge of scams online.

#3. Do not click on any URL: yes, this is one of the most important tip to stay safe online. Do not click on any url, without having good information about it, such url’s might be a virus or scams.

#4. Shopping online has become the latest trend nowadays, but do not click on any mails or message you receive regarding shopping online.

#5. People loves making payment online, but be sure to use websites for payment those have ‘https’ and a padlock icon to the left or right of the URL. Also, try to use credit card for shopping.

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#6. Always log out from your social networking sites and important emails while switching off your PC. Also, use password like ‘s95tp%&78h@’ while would be hard to break for hackers.

#7. Protect your important information and data. Do make back-up data in your PC, smartphones or pen drives.

#8. If you are using Wi-Fi Internet connection, do not forget to change the password time-to-time.

#9. Install good antivirus and a firewall on your PC, it will surely provide your double protection from cyber attacks.

#10. Always keep your PC up-to-date and install all the updates for the software and other tools installed on your PC. Do check for regular updates to get better protection from online cyber attacks.