Top 10 Tips To Whiten Teeth


To maintain a young and smart personality everyone wants whiten teeth. But some people cannot maintain the natural whiteness of their teeth. Teeth whitening are the process of restoring the natural color of teeth. However, Top 10 tips are available to get whiter teeth.

#1. Apply baking soda :

You can use baking soda to whiten teeth your teeth. It is very useful remedy. You can use this before brushing by mixing with small quantity of water and rub this mixture on your teeth. you can leave this mixture on your teeth for minimum  1 will help in remove the stains and enamel.

#2. Brushing your teeth :

Brushing is the important process of our life. If you Brush your teeth twice a day for about 2 minutes each, your teeth will become healthy and whiten. Enamel consists of vertical glass-like rods that are why when you brush from side to side it can damage the enamel. Brush in small circles to avoid weakening of the teeth. The bristles of brush must be very soft to avoid gum damage.

#3. By using Fruits :

Fruit helps our teeth by strengthen and clean the small extent of your teeth and gums. Some fruits consist of malic acid, a chemical, used in teeth whitening products. The fruits like Bananas, Watermelon, Oranges and apples are mostly used to whiten teeth. Drinking a glass of orange juice daily would increase the calcium in your diet and help build stronger teeth.

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#4. Use Charcoal :

Charcoal is the fantastic way to whiten your teeth. It is mostly used in India to clean teeth. Our tooth consists of many impurities. This impurities can absorbed by carbon found in charcoal. Charcoal absorbs the impurities from water.

#5. Use of Vinegar :

The most effective way to clean and whiten your teeth is use of vinegar. Due to acidic nature of vinegar it removes the enamel professionally. You can use apple cider vinegar. Mix this vinegar with double quantity of water and Rub this solution on your teeth.


#6. Avoid coffee or tea :

Coffee or tea put diverse effect on our teeth. It makes stains in also erode the enamel and makes our teeth sticky. Due to This Stickiness the food is stick to our teeth that gives further tooth problems.

#7. Avoid Smoking :

We all listens the lines “smoking kills”. Smoking is the bad habit that produces harmful effect on our health. It cause tooth decay and also leave grey stains permanently that looks ugly.

#8. Use new Toothbrush :

If you have been using your toothbrush since last three months then replace it, it can be harmful for your teeth. The regular use of toothbrush lead to weaken its bristles that is not good for our gums. If your bristles are worn out your toothbrush isn’t cleaning your teeth properly.

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#9. Using oil :

Oil pulling is also used for whiten the teeth. It also improves the oral health. You can use coconut, olive, sesame or sunflower oil. Take one tablespoon of oil, apply it on your teeth and leave there for 10 minutes. You can also gargle with oil to fresh your entire mouth. Rinse your mouth with clean water.

#10. Using Dark Chocolates :

 Our tooth become weakens if we not care it. Chocolates are also helpful to harden and whiten our teeth. But more use of chocolates sometime cause tooth consists of theobromine, a substance which helps to harden and whiten the surface of teeth.