Top 10 Ways To Quit Smoking


‘Smoking is injurious to health’, yes, this is what always written on all cigarette packets. We all know that excessive smoking is harmful for health, and even more harmful for those who do not smoke but stays with you 24×7, like your family. Let’s discuss some of the tips that will surely help to quit smoking.

1.    At first, make a promise to yourself that you surely want to quit smoking. Make a promise to say no to smoking even at parties.

2.    According to latest studies, when you feel desire of smoking, start walking and this will definitely generate anti-craving chemicals in your mind.

3.    Make your diet plan as some of the studies said that those who like to have a cigarette after dinner, can have some fruits, it will make cigarettes taste awful.

4.    Studies say a craving can last for 5min only. Go out of the party when you feel to smoke and have a walk. It helps to quit smoking.

5.    For more, studies said that cigarette’s taste becomes better with fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and cola. So, drink more water to quit smoking habit.

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6.    Join some of the NGO or social activities, which help to quit smoking. Such groups help each other to quit smoking.

7   Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is one of the better ways to quit smoking. There are many tablets, gum and a nasal spray available in the market that helps to quit smoking.

8.    This is one of the simplest tip, but still very effective. Make friendship with people who do not smoke.

9.    Make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and read it everyday, it will give you mental power to quit smoking.

10.    Manage stress, as people use to smoke to feel relax when in stress. Listen to music or read some books to get rid of stress.