Top 10 Windows 8 and Windows 10 features Comparison


Microsoft has launched 8 and windows 10 in recent times. Microsoft primarily launches windows 8 which is totally different from previous operating systems like Windows 7, windows xp etc. But windows 10 are also launched by Microsoft provide modification of features than windows 8 features. The comparison between both of windows is as listed below.

#1. Start menu :

In previous windows 8 the start menu feature is not available but in windows 10 this feature is the top most modification by the Microsoft Company. This feature is very useful for the users of window 10.

#2. Upgrade :

It is found that, a standard Windows 8 upgrade license will cost you around £79 on the other hand you can easily and free upgrade the window 10 from the any sites. You can also upgrade your iPhone with latest window 10. This is the main modification is done between the window 8 and 10.

 #3. Workspace :

Window 10 allows users to venture like they have multiple monitors and distribute their windows across multiple different work spaces. In windows 10 you can just done this by clicking the one tab. This option is not available in previous winnows 8.

#4. ‘Universal’ apps :

Apps are mostly used by the iPhones users. Microsoft windows 10 provides most helpful apps than the windows 8. The most  popular apps recently is universal app of windows 10. In the previous windows 8 Windows Store apps are all full-screen, and again making them ungainly for use on a normal desktop. This difficulty is removing by windows 10 new universal app features.

#5. Cortana :

This feature is best used on iPhones. If your Windows 10 device is fitted out a microphone, you can just say “Hey, Cortana,” and she’ll wait for your directions. This function is also easy to use. You can set a reminder by using this feature. This feature was also available in window 8 but in windows 10 this feature is launched with some modifications.

#6. Tablet Mode :

If you are operating with a 2-in-1 inter-crossed like the Surface, you’ll be met with the standard desktop while the Type Cover keyboard is attached. However, when you come off the keyboard the OS will detect this and prompt you to switch over to tablet mode. This is the best option in windows 10.

#7. Security Updates :

It is found that in windows 8 the security update option is not available but in windows10 you can pushed out Security and critical updates on a monthly basis. Consumers will get updates as soon as they are ready via Windows. Update and now businesses will be able to ‘opt-in’ to a fast-paced cycle as well.

#8. Gaming Features :

Most of the peoples are likely to play games on windows 8. This gaming features are now modified in windows 10. The new modify gaming features provides many of easy functions that helps to the gaming users.

#9. Performance :

The overall performance of window 8 is found to be average but on the other hand the performance of windows 10 is very effective. It is also found that the graphics of window10 in modified from previous windows 8.

#10. “Edge” Browser :

For surfing the internet all the peoples used internet explorer. This is the oldest internet browsing software that used in the many of previous operating systems. But in window 10 the web browsing is most comfortable by new browser called edge browser this the best modifications is done from windows 8 to windows 10.