Top 10 Yogurt Brands in USA


It is a custard-like food made from curdled milk. Eating yogurt has been colligated with good health. There is various health benefits are offers by the yogurt. This is used in many of countries. USA peoples are very fond of yogurt. There are also various brands of yogurt are available in the USA. Below listed are Top 10 yogurt brands in USA.

  • Chobani

It is the best USA yogurt. It is an American brand of strained yogurt produced by Chobani. This company was established in 2005 when a migrator from Turkey to the United States bought a plant in the town of New Berlin, New York

  • Yoplait

Yogurt is very rich in protein. This brand of yogurt is very popular in all over the USA. It is very interesting to know that this  is an internationally licensed brand of yogurt jointly owned by United States.

  • Danone

It is a multinational food-products company based on an administrative division in some French or Dutch speaking countries of Paris. Its original   corporate name was founded in 1919. It is very popular yogurt brand in all over the USA.

  • 16 Handles

6 Handles stores average among the highest average unit sales volumes in the frozen yogurt industry. It is the best yogurt brand in all over the US. Most of us peoples fond of this brands yogurt. It is also interesting to know that it has 40 stores in six states.

  • Stonyfield farm

It is also very well known as stony field in all over the provides one of the best quality yogurts to the peoples of US. It is also very interesting to know that stony field Farm was founded by Samuel Kaymen in 1983.

  • Blue Bunny

The Blue Bunny brand was established in 1935 after the Wells brothers held a “Name That Ice Cream” competition in the Sioux City Journal. Blue Bunny is made in Le Mars, Iowa: The Ice Cream Capital of the World.

  • Alpinefreezer

Its stores can increase profit margins from impulse buyers. You can choose from a wide range of affordable, financeable yogurt machines. Alpine Freezer includes well-established, top quality and reliable brands including: Danfoss, Embraco Aspera and DuPont.

  •   Swirlicious

It provides the best products made from the finest & freshest ingredients. The yogurt made by this brand is very popular in all over the USA. This brands goal is to encourage great tasting by providing a health conscious dessert.

  • Kiwi Loco

It is the best yogurt brand in all over the USA. It is situated at a great location for those moments that you want to relax with your spouse or with friends. The yogurt from this brand is more reasonably priced and the flavored are delicious.

  • YoCrunch

This is a yogurt manufacturer and the Maker of yogurt preplaced together with crunchy mix-in garnish. It is currently sold across the United States in six-ounce cups and 4-ounce multipacks.