Travel these Top 10 Best Places in The World With Budget Prices

Budget travel, top 10 best places in the world you can visit in budget

During the holidays most of the people like to spend their time in the favorite tourist destinations within their budget. Likewise here some of the best ten places all over the world which will be the best place at budget price. They are mentioned below :

#1. Phnom Penh in Cambodia: This is the best place in which it has low skyscrapers. There are lots of boutique cafes and artisan shops along the sides of the road.  In Daun Penh district the flame boyantly golden Royal Palace and National Museum are located.

#2. Lima in Peru: It is a place which has some old, new and some of them are got from the Spain and the cool and gentle breeze from the Pacific Ocean blue. The City of Kings which is the world heritage of UNESCO found there. There is a beach side which is called as Barranco. There are rowdy local bars and Peruvian grub is found in this place. People can recharge their batteries from electricity Museum.

#3. New Orleans in USA: It is the best place for the party lovers.  This place can be visited during the Month of February, because it has the warmer climate, less crowd and all the spirited revelry. Some of the world class jazz musicians will be found along the roadsides so that people can watch the live music at reasonable prices.

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#4. Busan in South Korea: South Korea is one of the largest ports for trading. In Busan there are several beaches, mountains and Buddhist temple which can be seen at affordable rates.  In Busan the top food menu is Fish.  Several numbers of sea creatures are seen in the Fish market of Jagalchi. During the month of April the festival for annual cherry blossom will be celebrated.

#5. Tbilisi in Georgia: It is the most colorful and beautiful place. Tbilisi is known as gourmet paradise. Georgian is meant for pizza. In this town at every eating places the ‘khackpuri ‘is given to the people.

#6. Izmir in Turkey: This place has the history that blends many countries like Jews, Greeks, French, Italians and Americans. In the District of Alsancak there are lots of hip bars located. People can watch the International Izmir festival which provides a great blend with the contemporary ballet and classical dances, music performances and theater will be the best part of this place.

#7. Budapest in Hungary: This is the best place for the budget vacation. The city looks more beautiful during the month of July. The famous streets include many antique shops and museums. The famous Magyar cuisine, which provides traditional foods and art space is very famous with the photography museum “Lumen”.

#8. Porto in Porutgal: It is the popular budget destination in the European country. The UNESCO world heritage, Ribeira Square is found in this place.  The perfect place for experiencing the nature and romantic place is Crystal Palace Gardens.

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#9. Oaxaca in Mexico: There are several beaches in this place. It is very cheap to visit this place. The archaeological site ‘Latin Americans’ is one of the best places.

#10. Tunis in Tunisia: The city will be looking more beautiful by, the eucalyptus tree which is arranged in a perfect manner. All the best collection will be there in the Bardo Museum.

The above places can be visited within the limited budget and also it is the world’s best places which makes people to enjoy more.