10 Most Awaited Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2016

upcoming hollywood movies 2016

Be it Africa or Asia, Hollywood movies have always entertained the diverse crowd. People from the remotest corners of the world have waited patiently for Fast and Furious and Harry Potter series. The quality story telling capability and unbeatable cinematic experience Hollywood serves is unbeaten and this is probably one of the many reasons why people bet their money on Hollywood instead of other contemporaries.

Here is a list of 10 most awaited upcoming Hollywood movies 2016 that will not only rock the box-office but will also break the Internet. Memes, trolls and praises, people are going to shower their love in all forms.

#1. Independence Day: Resurgence :

This 22nd May Independence Day will get a new definition. With the power packed movie serving thrill and the epitome cinematic experience box office will register a new high.

#2. Captain America: Civil War :

the complex fight by competitive characters to each other will see a new high this 30th April. Yes! Captain America returns to the silver screen in order to serve people with new moments of surprise and astonishment. Do not miss on to this immaculate combination of strong storyline, display of classic acting skills and impressive VFX.

#3. Warcraft:

Gamers from around the world have been waiting desperately for this day. Coming 23rd May, gamers are going to take a break from their games and watch this ultra thrilling movie. Warcraft is speculated to take the gaming franchisee to an all-new level of thrill and excitement.

#4. Neighbors 2:

Neighbor was released in 2012 and created a buzz that can still be in witnessed. This romcom is coming this May again to win the hearts of people. The romantic dialogues and immature puns are going to make people experience love and fun all at once. Lets wait and see how beautiful the summer turns out to be.

#5. The Jungle Book:

Do we really need to tell you anything more about the movie? Yes! We need to, the movie releases on 15th April worldwide. Kids from India, America, Africa and even Germany are going to forget all their worries and relish the most beautiful movie of their childhood.

#6. Star Trek Beyond:

There’s a lot that is going to change so do not miss on to the most adventurous chapter of Star Trek. Coming to theaters near you on 8th July.

#7. Angry Birds:

The most played game is going to be a movie now. The world can’t get any better for people who eat, breathe and live on entertainment. With this movie releasing we will also seeing a new trend of converting popular games into movies. Brace yourselves Subway Surfer and Temple Run are going to follow.

#8. X-Men Apocalypse:

Is the end near? Apocalypse seems to depict the end of something that has given us so much to remember and embrace. With the X-Men series coming to an end, we all will miss our favorite Wolverine and his adventures. The movie releases 26th April; do not forget to book your seats.

#9. The Secret life of Pets:

The movie has created quite a buzz. The plot is still unknown but the cute creatures are already enjoying a good time on popularity chart. With the movie releasing in the mid summer the chances of it breaking a few records is very high. This 8th July, be ready to be entertained like never before.

#10. Teenage Mutant Ninza Turtles 2:

We all have spent our childhood evenings watching the adventurous gang of Ninza Turtles solving the most important cases downtown. This summer we all have a chance to relive our childhood with the new movie. Teenage Mutant Ninza Turtle 2 releases on 3rd June.