10 Reasons To Watch Udta Punjab Only in Theaters

Udta Punjab

Udta Punjab the movie based on drug menace in Punjab has already suffered a lot. Everything started when Censor Board ordered filmmakers to cut 89 scenes and remove word Punjab from the title. Director Abhishek Chaubey and producer Anurag Kashyap raised their voice against the atrocities of the grumpy ole Censor Board.

Finally the movie was now under the control of Bombay High Court and their judgment was bound to be final. The super cool judge ruled in the favor of film fraternity and asked Censor Board to stop acting like Grandmother. Pahlaj Nihalani accepted defeat and respected the decision of judge. Censor board passed the movie with one cut and A Certificate.

The things were getting smooth until the news came that “For Censor” copy of the movie has been leaked online and people from around the world are downloading it like never before. This not only shocked the directors but the entire country. Early speculations suggested that it was Censor Board behind the leak but no proof has been acquired till now.

Anurag Kashyap took to Social Media and addressed his fans saying, “if you are used to watching pirated movies, then go ahead and watch pirated version of Udta Punjab but wait till Saturday. Do not download it before Saturday because it was nullify the fight we put up. It will demotivate everyone who-so-ever decides to fight against the obsolete practices.”

Here are ten reasons why you should watch Udta Punjab only in theatres:

#1. To appreciate the efforts: Fight between CNBF and Udta Punjab was one incident when the whole film fraternity stood together and fought. It was very rare to see strict competitors stand together and voice their opinion against something that is killing the ART.

#2. To encourage filmmakers to make more such movies: Bollywood is known for making movies like Houseful 3 and Grand Masti. Don’t you think, it is time for a change? If yes! You must go and watch Udta Punjab in theaters. Let’s encourage good artists and directors to make movies that touch heart and leave a message. Let’s start with Udta Punjab.

#3. Because it’s a great movie: It is Saturday and we have already watched the movie in theaters yesterday and trust us, when we say, it is something you will love to watch. Udta Punjab is not only about Drugs; it is about stardom, politics, corruption and also Pakistan.

#4. Udta Punjab has nothing Political in it: Movie attacks no political party or leader. It is a great movie that presents the drug problem in Punjab in the simplest way.

#5. The movie has each and every emotion: Yes! This serious motion picture with loads of controversy is going to make you laugh as well. You are going to laugh, smile, squirm and feel sad at times. The great acting adds up to the pleasure of watching movie.

#6. Yet again a marvelous performance by Shahid Kapoor:

Shahid Kapoor Udta Punjab
Image via facebook.com/FuhSe

Shahid Kapoor is one of the most unrated actors of Bollywood. From what he did in Haider to Udta Punjab, shows his versatile skills. Shahid Kapoor will amaze you with his competent acting skills.

#7. Alia Bhatt continues to be amazing:

Alia Bhatt Udta Punjab
Image via facebook.com/FuhSe

The kind of acting Alia did in Highway and in Udta Punjab will make you feel that the future of Bollywood is quite bright. Alia Bhatt has turned out to be a charmer, give her challenges and she will amaze you with her hard work and dedication. Her Bihari character in this will make you laugh and cry, at times.

#8. Because Diljit Doshanj is here:

Diljit Dosanjh Udta PunjabDiljit is one of the most reputed and loved Punjabi Actors. He is known for the Punjabi look his carries. A lot of people advice him to try a different look and audition for movies but his respect for his Turban stopped him from doing anything with it.

#9. The team of Udta Punjab deserves a Salute: Everyone should watch this movie in theaters because the team of Udta Punjab has shown courage to take up a hot topic and make movie on it. They deserve our love, respect and appreciation.

#10. This movie is going to bring the change: If we all ended up watching the pirated version of the movie then the world will not come to know that whether we loved the movie or not. We need to come across and share our affection. By watching it in Theaters we will be sending a message that “Yes! We are Ready for more such Cinema”. It is time for Bollywood to learn something from Udta Punjab and change their movie-making paradigm.