10 Best Features of The World’s Thinnest Laptop HP Spectre

features of Hp Spectre

Laptops today have come a long way from the once hefty and stout portable computing systems of the 1980s. Laptops have become faster, sturdier, more stylish and even more efficient. While the Macbook Air ruled the charts as the world’s thinnest laptop for quite some time, HP has now launched its ‘Spectre’, which has officially become the world’s thinnest laptop with only 10.4 mm width.

Here are the 10 best features of The world’s thinnest HP Spectre laptop you should know :

#1. Luxurious looks

The Windows 10 laptop is tastefully crafted in part aluminum and part carbon fiber. While the smooth Gorilla glass speaks of durability and clarity, the contrasting copper spine renders a stylish high-end look to the machine.

#2. Thin and Light

Hp Spectre Weight
via HP

Lighter than air, literally when compared to Macbook Air, HP Spectre measures only 10.4 mm thick and weighs just 1.1 Kg.

#3. Artful and Functional design

Hp Spectre design
via HP

Though thinner than the thinnest possible, HP Spectre doesn’t compromise on functionality. It has all the necessary ports and the beautiful new-age furniture inspired piston hinges lets it fold smoothly while making the laptop look nothing short of a piece of art.

#4. Great processor with Hyperbaric cooling

Hp Specre Hyperbaric colling
via HP

HP’s Spectre features the powerful Intel Core i7 processor with state-of-the-art hyperbaric cooling technology that not just wards heat off but also draws in the cool air for its optimum performance.

#5. Good memory and storage capacity

The Spectre comes equipped with a memory of up to 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of storage capacity, enough for normal storage and functional needs.

#6. Longer battery life

With the unique hybrid battery incorporated in HP Spectre, it has the capacity of working for as long as 9 hours at a stretch once fully charged.

#7. Sharper and brighter display

The full HD IPS display of the HP Spectre lets you experience images and videos like never before. The detailed and crisp images, accuracy of colors and brilliant viewing angle makes the process quite enjoyable.

#8. Louder and clearer sound

The speakers of the machine are located on the either side of the keyboard itself allowing superior sound emission. The HP Audio Boost facilitates clear, loud and dynamic sound for unperturbed entertainment.

#9. Excellent keyboard

The island styled, backlit keys of the Spectre are evenly spaced and have a delicate bounce to them, which cater to a pleasant, and satisfying typing experience. The glass track pad is quite responsive and easy to maneuver.

#10. All-capable USB-C ports

The revolutionary small and reversible USB-C ports can be rightly called the ports of the future. The HP Spectre has provided 3 different USB-C ports that can be used for data transfer, video output or charging the laptop as well. There’s also a 3.5 mm jack for headphones.

HP Spectre hasn’t quipped to any unnecessary gimmicks of touchscreen, rota-table screen or a 4K display that sucks battery out of your laptop. It has concentrated on the basics of any laptop and succeeded in providing a coherent machine that is thin and light, gives powerful performance and has good keyboard, track pad and battery life. So, all in in all, I would say that if you are looking for a solid laptop minus the frills, go for HP Spectre.

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